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We Don't Have Online Booking and Here is Why:


You are probably familiar with booking online to reserve a trip to a local attraction and a recreational business, but we are a little different! We have found that it is easier to accommodate you and your party by directly communicating with you over the phone, text message, FB messenger, etc. 

When talking with you directly we can share more information about your trip, the weather, and it gives you an opportunity to ask additional questions you may have. What can we say, we are old school

It is important to understand that if we do not pick up the first time, it is probably because we are grabbing some paddles, lifting some kayaks, and getting some people in and out of the river! We have our voicemail setup and we will get back ASAP! Please be patient with us! 

We do highly recommend that you book your trip a week in advance. We try our best to accommodate walk-ins, but cannot make promises. It is especially important to call in advance for large parties. We have accommodated parties with 50+ individuals! With the addition of our second bus, we are able to provide more trips. Our goal is to not turn anyone down but sometimes it is out of our control. 

We do provide the option to pay over the phone but paying the day of is perfectly fine as well. Waivers will be signed, pictures will be taken, buses will be loaded, and the fun will start on the Clinch! We are so excited to have you! Please call us at the number listed above to book your trip today!

Call us!

Phone #: 287-275-4154