Lets Get on the River

So I Made it to the Red Caboose...Now What?

We get many questions on how both the kayaking and tubing trips work. This is a very understandable questions because many river outfitters are different. CRA is lucky to be placed in a great location on the Clinch River. Whether you take the 2 hour tubing trip or the 7 hour kayaking trip, your trip will begin and end with us at the Red Caboose. After you sign the waiver, pay, and take your group photo in front of the Instagram #drenchedintheclinch worthy caboose, you and your party will hop on the bus listed above and will travel to your destination UP river.

 Do not worry about getting lost once placed in the river, it is a one-way shot back to the red caboose where your car is parked. You will start to see where you need to get out once the St. Paul Park is in view (employees will remind you as well). Once at the steps behind the CRA caboose, your trip will be finished. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy your time on the most bio-diverse river in the United States!